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Enhancing Capacity for Implementing Rio Conventions

1. Name of Donor: UNDP

2. Project Management Organization: MONRE

3. Project Owner: ISPONRE

4. Total project budget (ODA fund): 975,000 USD

5. Duration: 2015-2017

6. Location: Hà Nội

7.Overall objectives:
The Objective of this project is “to enhance the capacity for implementing the Rio Conventions by developing and applying tools that will lead to global environmental benefits”. At the end of the project, activities will have resulted in a set of improved capacities to meet and to sustain Rio Convention objectives, that will assist towards implementation, reporting and achievement of the relevant SDGs This will be achieved through the following two Outcomes:
• Viet Nam has the environmental management tools that fully address global environmental concerns;
• Viet Nam is integrating global environmental concerns into its national strategic planning and development processes.

7. Situation (completed/on-going): under implementation

8. Legal Document:
- Decision No.2597/QD-BTNMT dated 17/11/2014 on the approvement of project lists signed by the Minister of MONRE.
- Decision No.1960/QD-BTNMT dated 05/8/2015 on the approvement of project document signed by the Minister of MONRE